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Climate Change

5arrowsIn the stage of evolution of human beings, fields of consciousness different from those in other known forms of life make their appearance. A probable exception is, perhaps, the animal stage; nevertheless, the clear manifestation of other fields of consciousness is to be found in the stage of development involving humans.

These fields are those of the physical, the emotional, and the intellectual events, while the emergence of new fields is not to be precluded.

Each of these has certain polarisations. For example:

in the emotional field, there is the model of the Dionysian, the Christian or Orphic, and of the Buddhist sensibility. These are the three main categories in the emotional field. However, the fields merged and are and unclear, and thus chains of forms result in which clarity of the fields cannot be discerned.

in the intellectual field, we have the Apollonian element in correspondence with the Buddhist, psychoanalytic field compared to the Dionysian, and the Marxist or Promethean field compared to the Christic or Orphic.

On the life experience of concepts

Allotropy, the fact, that is, that the other pattern of the same constituent means another property, is a fundamental consequence of the collective nature of space-time and matter. Allotropy evolves in replete attenuation, that is, in a state in which the entity is distance, space - that is, space as replete with Being.

These are the concepts towards which modern physics is moving, but their importance has not yet been consciously experienced in all the dimensions of our life. What is needed is a new evolutionary process in our senses in order for us to experience concepts. What is needed is a collectivisation of education with the more profound cores of consciousness and of the sense of being a human individual. However, the analogy is clearly conceptual, since civilisation is going through a crisis because of mass organisation, the collapse of ecological and psychological distances in concrete cities, in working conditions, and so on.

The last dimension of fields which must emerge in humanity is that of the society of distances, of identification with the transcendence of social objects and subjects in the direction of a world in which unity will be a value in itself and the nature of subjects as well. This last dimension is the refusal of divisiveness, the end of the selfish drive, pure sociability.

Today, in an average case, man is a being of rational self-preservation and conscious self-interest. Naturally, the distance between the present state of affairs and the next is vast, if the world situation is taken into account.

The next stage, then, must be self-development, self-fulfillment, conscious selflessness which will also mean the end of the state of coercion. Then the products of the historicity of humanity, nations, will be entities far removed from the coercive binding force which they exert today; they will be entities of a pluralist ritual of the planet, and this ritual will not be in the shadow of the self-evident, but in the light of the liberation of subjectivity.

Ioannis Zisis, writer

The above text is part of the essay
ENVIRONMENTAL THEORY AS A BASIS FOR A HOLISTIC, SYNTHESIS, AND PLANETIC SCIENCE deals with the need for there to be New Sciences, with different characteristics. The alienation of knowledge from the life of the scientist, the expropriation of its use in society because of the alienation of people and economic and political vested interests, as well as the deficit in knowledge on matters concerning the modern world impose upon us the formulation of the proposal for the development of those New Sciences which will bridge the gap between the alienation of technologies and the psychic depth of life and the human Being.

The essay will be published in stages. We believe that by the present series of publications we are contributing to the dialogue on a quest for a sustainable civilisation, looking to the future.

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